NPHF understands the unique time and budget necessities of social service agencies. We offer expert services designed to optimize your time and resources. Our Community Building, Event Planning, Facilitation, and Training services take on the details of community engagement, event management, program facilitation, and public health training so you don’t have to. NPHF is your trusted partner to meet agency requirements, speak to the greater community, and provide continuous learning for both professionals and citizens across the state.



Create a well-rounded workplace and foster renewed energy by supporting each individual through a variety of life stages.


Discover ways that your employer can support you through the challenges of your life, including family care, self-care, and overall well-being.



NPHF has the programs you need to fulfill state and agency mandates without having to expend additional time or resources on content development. Created and presented by subject matter experts, these curricula are available when and where you need them with a few short conversations. The Healthy Relationships and STARS programs address the needs of sexually active teens and young parents. Mandatory Reporting programs fulfill CEUs for several state agencies with a focus on reducing child harm and preventing teen pregnancy. Finally, NPHF’s Social Work Workforce Development material addresses the ongoing needs of Nevada’s growing social service workforce.

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Equip young parents with skills and resources for self-sufficiency, guiding them through parenting challenges to build healthy lives for their families.

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Healthy Relationships

Empower teens to build safe connections by fostering positive intimate relationships through self-respect, trust, and understanding.

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Mandatory Reporting

Educate individuals to recognize and report abuse and neglect, focusing on reducing child harm and preventing teen pregnancy.

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Social Work Development

Advance the social work workforce by understanding their needs and optimizing recruitment and retention to benefit social services workers.

NPHF Impact by the Numbers

Since 1996, NPHF has served as an essential partner in advancing health and wellness for Nevada's communities.


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