Supporting Young Parents with STARS

NPHF’s STARS (Supporting Teens Achieving Real-Life Success) program offers young parents relevant skills and valuable resources to achieve self-sufficiency. Our comprehensive curriculum navigates the practical challenges of parenthood, better equipping them to build healthy lives for themselves and their children.

The STARS class is an excellent opportunity for young parents to learn new perspectives on health, parenting, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution and more. There’s a chance for real impact as the content and discussion may not be found at home or in school. Young parents who attend the STARS class are always pleasantly surprised by the experience.


NPHF is Ready to Help

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Starting the Conversation

NPHF’s standardized STARS program, presented in partnership with the Division of Welfare and Supportive Services, recognizes and addresses the unique challenges young parents face:

  • Empowering tools equip young parents with practical tools and resources to navigate their parenting journey.
  • Thoughtful curriculum design creates space for young parents to address individual challenges while prioritizing the well-being of both parents and children. Topics include effective parenting, reproductive health, family planning, and financial pathways to self-sufficiency.
  • Relevant discussions address the specific challenges each parent encounters, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of topics crucial to their well-being and encouraging a supportive network where parents can lean on one another for support.
  • Long-term goal setting helps each participant to create the life of their dreams, recognizing that every great journey begins with that crucial first step.