Community Building Services

NPHF brings together like-minded community members to collaboratively shape effective strategies using individual talents and resources, ensuring successful solutions for community health needs. We proudly serve many diverse communities with a focus on engagement and impact.

3 Foundational Building Blocks

Determine the purpose or goal of the engagement effort and the population and/or community you want to engage.
Detail the shared history and values of the population/community and the assets they bring to the effort.
Identify local representatives who can act as community connectors and trusted partners for the process.

NPHF is Ready to Help

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This NPHF service is right for you if:

  • You are interested in establishing partnerships and contributing to widespread quality of life improvements within your community.
  • You believe in giving those most impacted by challenges and inequities an equal voice in designing and implementing solutions.
  • You seek assistance in determining an approach to your change project that ensures authentic engagement within the community and the discovery of collaborative, sustainable solutions.
  • You aim to capitalize on existing community initiatives, identifying opportunities to contribute to similar endeavors already underway.
  • You value the impact of timely feedback, acknowledging the impact of stakeholder contributions and encouraging active participation from community partners throughout the change effort.
  • You want to engage people where they are and make it easy for community members to fully participate. NPHF’s mixed methodology – including surveys, focus groups, and one-on-one interviews – is designed for candid and realistic planning.