Baby-Friendly Workplace Policies are good for you and your employer

Embracing new parents in the workplace, a Baby-Friendly employer acknowledges the challenges of new parenthood and supports your transition back to work. Baby-Friendly workplaces understand the pressures of balancing work and family, and aim to create a supportive environment with benefits like increased bonding, flexibility, and a positive workplace vibe that values your contributions while supporting this important stage of your family’s life.

You are not alone in your need for support to return to work…

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Starting the Conversation

Implementing Baby-Friendly Workplace policies benefits both you and your organization:

  • Earlier return from leave can reduce financial stress
  • Improved morale increases your desire to remain at the company, improving family stability
  • Continued breastfeeding is linked to lower infant healthcare costs
  • Inclusion of parents leads to a more diverse workforce
  • Less stress/anxiety for parents
  • Increased bonding time for parents
  • Facilitates a more positive work environment due to increased social interactions and teamwork among co-workers