Being A Baby-Friendly Employer is Good for Business

By supporting new parents, your Baby-Friendly workplace may promote a smoother return to work by fostering a positive environment that benefits employees and organizations alike. Recognizing the valuable contributions of working parents, the Baby-Friendly initiative aims to reduce the structural mismatch between work and family, offering benefits such as increased employee retention, enhanced bonding, lower healthcare costs, and an inclusive work environment.

Parents Need Workplace Support to Return After Parental Leave

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Things to Consider

Implementing Baby-Friendly Workplace policies can offer measurable benefits for your organization which may include:

  • Earlier return to work from leave
  • Increase employee retention with the easier transition back to work
  • Higher morale from enhanced bonding
  • Lower healthcare costs linked to breastfeeding
  • Low implementation costs
  • Attraction of new employees
  • Larger and more diverse workforce