Healthy Relationships for Healthier Teens

NPHF’s Healthy Relationships curriculum empowers Nevada teens to build safe, considerate, and joyful connections. Emphasizing self-respect, trust, and understanding, our program helps young people to lay the foundation for a future of positive and fulfilling intimate relationships.

Teen Sexual Relationships can have Life Changing Results

NPHF is Ready to Help

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Things to Consider

NPHF’s engaging Healthy Relationships presentations have an educational focus and are designed to open discussions on fulfilling connections, consent, and Nevada laws regarding sexual relationships.Together, we can support young people in growing into the best versions of themselves.

  • Flexible Application: These presentations serve as a valuable supplement to the existing curriculum in Nevada schools or can function independently as an educational tool for students across the state.
  • Diverse Audiences: Begin conversations in various settings, including before and after-school programs for Nevada children ages 12 and up, juvenile detention facilities, juvenile probation services, and education for teens and parents seeking additional support.
  • Adaptable Delivery: Our presentations are designed for in-person delivery and can be adjusted to fit the unique needs of each audience in terms of both time and content.
  • Community Empowerment: Join us in our dedication to empowering teens and their parents/guardians to build safe, respectful, and joyful connections, fostering the creation of safer and more respectful communities. 

Supporting References and
Nevada State Laws that apply